Resident Services Menu

Resident Services Menu

Concierge Grocery Service 


Dry Cleaning

Offered through Fashion Fresh.  Pricing will be based on their billing charges.  A list of services and costs can be obtained at the front desk or management office.  Pick-up and delivery every Tuesday and Friday.

Mail service

Items can be sent USPS, FedEx or UPS.  Consists of service that can be accomplished on site at The Monaco from 9 AM to 5 PM. 


Notary Services


Office Services

Typing, Word Processing, Data Entry, Assistance with Computer (i.e. printer setup, training on Microsoft Office, troubleshooting minor issues).


Copying and Fax Service

Absentee Owner Services

This includes running water into all drains, checking for leaks, checking thermostats and temperature settings and checking appliances.   


Absentee Owner Vehicle Service

Vehicle would be started weekly.  A dehumidifying product such as “Damp-Rid” would be installed as necessary.   Cars will not be driven out of their parking spaces.


Open/Close Unit and Water/Power Turned On and Off 

Includes turning on Electric breakers, Water, Hot Water Heater. You may want to use this service when an outside contractor is working in your unit but is unfamiliar with how to control these utilities.  If we turn it on, we will ensure it is also turned off before the end of that day.  If open/closing, we would also set thermostats and storm shutters would be raised.


Maintenance/Handyman Services 

This can involve assistance with hanging drapes, fixing locks, minor plumbing repairs/replacements, light electrical repairs/replacements, cleaning registers, mounting brackets and closet accessories, hanging pictures, repairing broken items and the like.


Change Thermostat and Smoke Detector Batteries

(Recommended Annually)


A/C Filter Change 

Includes labor and cost of basic filter

(Recommended Quarterly)


Hot Water Heater Flush

(Recommended Annually)

Escort by Building Staff 

This service is desirable whenever you have deliveries or service personnel who are transporting materials to your unit.  You may also want to use this service if you want contractors to be escorted during the entire time they are in your unit.


Water Filter Change

If you have water filters, it is recommended they be changed annually.   Call for pricing related to your style filters.


Keys, Fobs and Garage Door Transponders


Car Washing


Water Houseplants

(For those not on the Absentee Owner Service)


Transportation Service

We will arrange for transportation locally or to the airport.